as the recipient of the award steph received ongoing support and mentoring from ebc directors, associated artists and community, inclusion in exhibition ebc018 and the opportunity to be actively involved in the planning and realisation of that show (including an artist fee).

“my experience with the uwe graduate award was super nice and lovely and eye opening. jack and karanjit are two lovely human artists – both offering lots of support up until even after the show (e.g i was given the opportunity to run a workshop at the university of bristol in 2018). the experience gave me a chance to exhibit something on a larger scale and a bit different to my usual work which was scary for me but the ebc boys were super encouraging. they are very hard working and smiley chaps who helped me in every way they could, it was real inspiring to work with two individuals who are very experienced in organising amazing exhibitions – i am always in awe of the artists they select. i met a wonderfully talented bunch of artists and it was exciting to be part of planning and curating the show – 10/10 would recommend!!”




2016 saw the launch of ebc’s uwe graduate award. the inaugural recipient, alasdair munro participated in exhibition ebc011 and had the opportunity to be actively involved in its planning and realisation (including artist fee). in addition to this alasdair received support and mentoring from ebc artists and community. in his own words:

“what can i say about my experience with the ebc graduate award i would be lying if i said it was bad as it wasn’t actually that bad. as a fresh-faced graduate with no real experience exhibiting as an artist the whole award gave me an insight and a first step into working as a professional artist. not only did i get some amazing exposure (not just locally) but i exhibited with some amazing artists and had a very inspiring experience. since receiving the award my practice has moved forward massively as just getting out there and continuing being creative has been so beneficial for me. i absolutely recommend applying for this award the ebc guys are amazing you’ll learn to love them and they are both very good looking. not only will this push your practice but you’ll meet lots of art people. if you want to continue doing art after uni then this is definitely not an opportunity you want to miss.”