lindsey mendick
john fletcher
hannah and emile
+ guests

ebc005 featured sculpture and a trampoline by john (london), ceramic, fabric and sculptural works by lindsey (london), and a cast arm and ephemera by hannah and emile (bristol). the exhibition opening featured a performance by john who pretended to be a mole, and also a piano performance by lindsey who attempted to remember a song by christina aguilera she had learnt a long time ago. in addition ebc005’s exhibition programme also presented an improvisedĀ guided tour of local suburbs by john, a performance by emile about how embarrassed he gets talking about his work, andĀ a skype call with instagram residents millington|marriot. each artist also selected another artist’s moving image work to be showcased on a showreel in the gallery shop, works presented here included work by patrick coyle and richie moment.