emily tilzey
ryan curtis
richard fox

the title of the show is a phrase taken from an episode of carl sagan’s cosmos (1980). in the episode, sagan discusses the probability of life elsewhere in the universe. the elements that make up ‘the building blocks of life’ – dan – are common amongst the matter that makes up our world. contemporary cos- mological theory advocates the consistent quality of the universe: the uniform distribution of matter in space. in other words, the elements that make up our corner of the universe can be found in relatively similar concentrations everywhere else.
everything around us is engaged in an active conversation with everything around it – including us… so you could say that sagan’s ‘cosmic fugue’ – the voices of alien life across the universe – is in fact already here on earth!

an artist talk with emily tilzey and richard fox was held as part of this exhibition.

‘kronos’ film was screened and introduced by ryan curtis.