genevieve slater
eleanor duffin
daniel sean kelly
katie schwab

this exhibition responded to ideas of home and domestic settings as a point of departure, and featured works by genevieve (manchester), eleanor (bristol), daniel (leicester) and katie (london). the exhibition guide included a text written by ebc in collaboration with the artists, and a large wall structure occupied the space fabricated with a domestic scale in mind. daniel and genevieve presented a selection of paintings, whilst katie showed a number of preexisting curtains, tufted rugs and stools. eleanor’s sculpture referenced the calcium-ed water quality of a flat she had previously lived in in belgium, the capillary action of a string dripping the contents onto a mat below.

a textileworking workshop was ran by katie which explored ideas around time, production lines and shared labour. the group worked together on a stitched sampler, exploring collaboration and negotiation within the shared space of the fabric. in addition there was also an informal artist talk/tour of the exhibition.