hannah gregory
hannah regel
phil owen
caspar heinemann
lewis den hertog
sophie hoyle
dylar (bunnies)

ebc017 was organised in collaboration with doggerland. doggerland publish and distribute new writing on artist-led practice and culture, in print and digitally, and is edited by sam playford green (bristol) and tom prater (london).

the exhibition, which in particular revolved around its opening event, took as its starting point the following quote by deleuze  “there’s no need to fear or hope, but only to look for new weapons” adding… and yet. we might not need these drives, fear & hope, but there they are. for the exhibition, doggerland  invited writers and artists from previous issues of their journals to read or perform their work, and in turn, commissioned a new set of text works in response to some of the interlinking ideas and feelings that have emerged since their publication and further conversation.

performances and readings were staged by phil owen (which can be watched here)and hannah regel and there was an av conversation arrnanged by hannah gregory with jesse darling.

the exhibition also featured text works by caspar heinemann, lewis den hertog, and sophie hoyle. alongside a special performance by dylar (bunnies) which can be watched here, and readings from doggerland issue #4; which was launched that same evening. as part of the exhibition programme there was an informal talk/tour of the exhibition led doggerland.