rung is ebc’s sister publication formerly known as lockjaws*. it is a grassroots project which aims to support emerging artists in print and online, using these platforms to give artists an alternative ‘gallery’ space.

issue 01 is a tabloid style newsprint publication with an accompanying website, both of which launched on june 1st 2018. this was followed by an exhibition and a workshop featuring several rung artists at test space, spike island, october 2018.
issue 02 was launched on the june 27th 2019 at the latch, bristol.

rung in print is free to pick up and is currently stocked at arebyte, arnolfini, eastside projects, elysium gallery, exeter phoenix, fact, fruit market, g39, good press, karst, plymouth arts centre, mission gallery, modern art oxford, mostyn, phoenix brighton, serf, spike island, subsidiary projects, turf.

if you are interested in stocking/picking up a copy of rung drop them a line at