jamie lee, printing the space -diy booklet, 2022




24x d-sided pages / est. a5 / 2 colour / printed to order

printed on 80gsm paper, tied together with a rubber band or string.

diy booklet is an adaptation of jamie lee’s residency titled ‘printing the space’. each will be unique, featuring a random selection of monoprints that were made during the project.

jamie lee’s residency in bristol city hall titled ‘printing the space’ was his first socially engaged project. throughout the residency he opened the doors to his workspace, located in the park street vestibule, and taught visitors different mono printing techniques, in exchange for their prints which responded to the question ‘what does a space need?’. throughout the length of the residency prints were hung onto a rectangular frame in the centre of the space, becoming the walls of a new space. the resulting prints were largely based on the building itself, it’s use, history and architecture, as well as on what a new space might need to home, comfort and reflect the opinions and ideas of the people of bristol.

the booklet provides a random selection of prints that were made during the residency, with a brief description of the project. the sheets are bound by a removable band and can be shuffled to reconstruct the serendipity of the original project, creating new relationships between the individual prints.

designed by jamie lee and jed fielder