jamie lee, a forest of things


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a3 poster/publication

riso print, d-sided / est. a3 / 2 colour / ed. Of 50′

‘A Forest of Things’ (AFoT) is a collective of artists and researchers interested in exploring the connections between ecological and man-made networks. They founded their collective last year after a series of workshops funded and supported by Open School East in Margate, UK. These were based around the use and value of Arduino microcontrollers to create sensing artworks, gather data in response to the ecological crisis and investigate new and existing forms of creative community building based on how-to and DIY approaches outlined in Jennifer Gabrys’s ‘How to do things with sensors’. Their outputs as a collective have included public workshops, talks, exhibitions and this publication.

Their first AFoT publication was printed by Park Press in Margate. The cover design combines a schematic of a circuit, a description of the project written in the style of the Arduino software and an image of a fungus hyphae. The reverse features more images taken from the collective’s research and a brief description of their practice.