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exhibition 023

ashley holmes
madalina zaharia
jack friswell
milly peck

ebc023 features ashley (sheffield), jack (bristol), and madalina and milly (london). the exhibition will explore notions of knowledge, libraries, and forms of documentary.

opening event friday 6 dec 7-10pm (includes bar and shop)

exhibition continues 7/8 dec 10-5pm

workshop 7 dec 2pm
ashley holmes open deck
open deck invites you to bring music and contribute to a space of collective listening and sharing of stories, memories and perspectives. there will be a laptop, record player and a sound system set up, with an open deck policy. the idea is that anyone can bring music or audio recordings (vinyl records or digital files on a usb) with the opportunity to share a space to listen in a small group and talk about some of the things people share. any genre, any time period.
reflect on some of the questions below to help you decide what you might like to bring:
when do you first remember hearing it?
when was it made/released?
and what do you know of the country/city/town/local area during that time period?

artist talk/tour 8 dec 2.30pm
an informal walk around and discussion of ebc023 accompanied by the artists

there will be a pre-recorded audio described tour available for blind and visually impaired visitors

unfortunately the lift at the trinity centre is currently out of order

free admission to all