night school term vi & NS PLUS ticket (concession)



welcome to the sixth term of ebc’s 6-week art school course – run by ebc with another six independent artists.

what is the ebc night school?

night school is an alternative evening class run by ebc and hosted by arnolfini in bristol. established in 2017, participants take part in a 6 week course, with each session being led by a different artist invited by ebc. sessions incorporate an artist talk followed by a practical workshop that gives an insight into some of the ideas and processes that the artist explores, or that could introduce the group to other interests that influence the artist’s practice.

previous workshops have included; collage, drawing onto 16 mm film, writing, mobile phone videos, 3D scanning, sound, drawing exercises, clay modelling, stamping, making ink, plaster casting, and green screen recordings.

night school seeks to be an inclusive and welcoming environment, and the artists we work with are selected to reflect the diversity of artistic practice in the uk.

“i didn’t know what to expect…my biggest worry was maybe that it would be a bit snooty or i wouldn’t be able to understand where the artists were coming from. but NO! it wasn’t like that… they were enjoyable accessible, and a great mix of genres and approaches… pleasantly informal – felt very welcoming but also completely planned and thought through”

night school term iii participant

“every week i have come away with passion, interest, and excitement’ (night school) ‘…was always accessible, non jargon heavy, and unpretentious”

night school term iv participant

who is night school for?

the course is open to anyone interested in contemporary art, or wishing to learn about how artists make work and use materials. participants do not have to have undertaken previous terms of night school to take part in upcoming terms.

the night school might have particular relevance for the following: artists who have been practicing for some time and are looking for new ideas, artists new to the south west and looking to meet other artists, foundation stage students looking to prepare additional work for university portfolios and interview, sixth-form or FE students looking to apply to higher education art courses (undergraduate or foundation stage). night school facilitators can also provide advice with interview/portfolio preparation and technique.

what is night school PLUS? practice & development

night school PLUS (NS PLUS) is for night school participants that wish to have more 1-2-1 input into their own practice. a smaller group of participants meet in the 40 minutes before the main night school, and the visiting artist talks about an area of professional development. for instance; documenting work, applying for funding, designing a website, planning exhibitions etc. there are then a number of 1-2-1 sessions available with the artist and with jack lewdjaw (co-director of ebc and night school coordinator) to either discuss further the professional development topic or the student’s practice as a whole.


early bird prices are available until the 23rd FEB 2020 23.59

early bird price for night school: £80
early bird concessions for night school: £70 (inc. students, unemployed, asylum seekers & existing ebc members)
early bird price for night school and NS PLUS: £105
early bird concessions for night school and NS PLUS: £95

full price after 23rd FEB 2020 23.59

full price for night school: £85
concession price for night school: £75 (inc. students, unemployed, asylum seekers & existing ebc members)
full price for night school and NS PLUS: £110
concessions price for night school and NS PLUS £100

*all prices include 1 x annual ebc membership worth £12

when is it?

dates are listed below

the night school runs 1840-2025

Night School PLUS runs between 1800-1840

March 2020

thur 5th

thur 12th

thur 19th

mon 23rd

mon 30th

April 2020

thur 2nd

where is it?

arnolfini, bristol

future night schools?

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previous night school invited artists

term i

simon olley / isaac stacey / esme boggis / harriet bowman / bryony gillard / megan broadmeadow

term ii

karanjit panesar / alexander stevenson / rachael clerke / guillaume de ubeda / laura phillips / georgia gendall

term iii

jaf yusuf / georgia hall / jo lathwood / james fuller / helen grant / oliver sutherland /

term iv

copper sounds / chris alton / katherine hall / savinder bual / laura phillips / jack lewdjaw

term v

emii alrai / philippa lawrence / madalina zaharia / freya dooley / jessica akerman / olivia jones